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Hello there! I am welcome to say that this shall be the official blog of the Dragon Nest guild called "BlankPage" in NA DN. We are a small guild, so we won't be so updated or posting much... Let's hope this blog will be a success!
- Guild Officer Wei
It’s like Halloween without the SPOOKS and with flowers!
I’m gonna eat all the candy!
-G.O. Wei
Happy Valentine’s~
-G.O. Wei
Happy New Year~!
and good night!
-G.O. Wei & Leo
I have no idea what I’ve been doing for the past few hours listening to Welcome to Night Vale since the minute i woke up, but yeahhhh! ` 7 `
We both even happened to get some changes for next year too with our hairstyles, but all I did was dye my hair while Leo actually got a haircut!
Anyway, a lot of present wrapping for the actual Christmas, but still a good day of listening to Night Vale and maybe having another dream of it due to the constant listening of it for 13 hours! ` 7 `
Well hope you guys have a good day and rest of the year!
-G.O. Wei
Anonymous asked:
Hi! Just here to say your blogs really cool! Your art is really cool! You're really cool (⊙ω⊙)!

omg and you’re adorable!

-G.O. Wei

chrololi asked:
Hello beautiful person! When you get this share 5 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favourite followers!

ohhhhhaawwwwww ///- v -///
Well here goes lol

1.) I wear glasses (and srsly blind without them lol )
2.) I usually identify people by their voices and not their looks if I haven’t known them for a long time (but still once in awhile i won’t recognize you until you say something) - v -;;
3.) Whenever I comment on something horrifying when watching anime, I make it sound cute (my friends can’t watch anime the same way bc of this lol)
4.) Dragon Nest is the longest game that I’ve stuck with and draw my characters (+friends) on a daily bases (i show them to Leo during class all the time to see a reaction lol)
5.) I used to want a cat, but got three dogs instead (so I taught them how to be a cat accidentally)

-G.O. Wei

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Memories of my first bought Golden Egg from last week - 7 -
-G.O. Wei

I remember the days when I first bought gold eggs…-100g-

.//pats u w u;;
I’m usually very unlucky too when it comes to my main character
-G.O. Wei
Memories of my first bought Golden Egg from last week - 7 -
-G.O. Wei
This is late, but that’s OK!
Collab for Halloween with me(right) and Leo(Left)
-G.O Wei
We were playing around with a random costume generator
I got adorable(?) biker/vampire
and Leo got handsome(LOL) police cop/doll
Today was pretty embarrassing, but it was fun lol
so many things happened today and it was even the day when our Senior crowns were given out too - 7 -;;
At least it’s better than wearin’ a tiara the whole day pfft!
Though this week is goin’ to be a hectic week since I got projects due soon and SAT test again ; w ;
Better work hard this year!
-G.O. Wei (Another year older)
P.S. I have a tail now bc of my older sister wanting to open dragon eggs for fun
I’m sick and I dunno what to dooooooo D:
-G.O. Wei